Buzz in the Bus                             

By S.M Ubeer S Naqushbandi


On Friday evening as I left the campus it started raining “cats and dogs “. Everyone was running for cover. I saw many people like Jenab, Sahab Chu Aavur, Pat ti Pahaan Yehyew, Dhar Pahaan Chaya, and others.

I mean everyone believing in great principles of Haram Harasi and Kanas Kashun. They could beat Jamaican and Nigerian greats. Anyway, I too walked into the safe zone. But soon I realized I was trapped at the wrong place. This place belonged to Mr Kurhun hoon.

He stared at me as if telling me, “leave the place, or else, the whole dog community would come on the roads and protest against the violation of dog rights”. After all privacy, how could I do this – because according to the rules, dog life is billion times precious than human life in our valley!

The beautiful thought struck my mind that if there is dog paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!

I thought better to leave. I boarded tum tum bus. Its conductor was Bobai Tetee and driven by one and only Bathlee chouk. There were great personalities in the bus: Pache dars, Tahri Boche, Kafan choor, Me janas kher, charsi khoji, tameek shodi, veker zaam, taker hash, salaam nosh, pagaal imandar

All were pushing each other, jostling for space, except pagaal imandar who was paving way for everyone. He himself was hankering at the door of Tum Tum bus.

As the bus was moving, Me Janas Kher made a decent remark, “Bayas ghadi gochus khasun.” The remark was probably pointed at Charsi Khoji, who got raged up. And then, all of sudden, Tameek shodi blurted out, “Khasu yaree path pahaan, auto vas khasi ziha.”

With these intellectuals busy in their hard talks, my eyes went to Taker hash, talking sweetly, “Gadi manz gouv azaab, maleinen dar ye ne gadi khateri ti shikhhas laden.” Her remark was pointed to her Salaam Nosh, who quickly responded, “Hate has hataas nafiras hai dut saal beyi souti tanda coke hath.Veker Zaam scoffed at the remark.

I quickly tried to save my eyes from Rasi Chek because I too have experience of my home special. Pache Daar, Tahri Bouch and Kafan Choor were all probably waiting for their veir (turn). But before they could take their turns to vent their views, I swiftly stepped out of the bus.

(The author is pursuing his post-graduation in journalism from Kashmir University).


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