Cable Car, Not Firing Range In Yusmarg: Rather

KL Report


J&K Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather has termed media reports about Yusmarg being leased to Army for conducting artillery exercises, as baseless and ill-conceived.

“There is no question of replacing Tosamaidan by Yusmarg as firing range and there is no such move from the government,” Rather was quoted saying.

Dispelling apprehensions, Rather said that Yusmarg is one of the famous tourist resorts of the state where basic tourism infrastructure is being developed at a faster pace. Yusmarg Development Authority has already initiated several measures to develop infrastructure and recently a modern TRC was inaugurated for the convenience of the tourists.

A survey, however, is being conducted to construct a cable car project from Yusmarg to Bargah and Yusmarg to Neelnag which will go a long way in promoting tourism activities in the area.

Rather said Yusmarg Master Plan is under implementation which does not allow any violation of land use. “It was beyond one’s imagination that a developed tourist place like Yusmarg would be allowed to be used for artillery exercises,” Rather said. “It seems some vested interests are raking up this issue unnecessarily to play mischief and create confusion among the people.”


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