Callous Approach, Intransigence of Pulwama Authorities Condemnable: Malik



Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik Monday strongly condemned the “callous approach of the rulers and the occupational administration” in Pulwama and termed it as “most oppressive and intransigent”.

Malik has also expressed grief and sorrow over the demise of mother of Shaheed Sajad Ahmad Kenu.

Terming the “ongoing oppression” in Pulwama as a “glaring act of intransigence of so-called rulers and their administration”, Yasin in a statement said, “this cold blooded approach of rulers and their authorities and reign of terror unlashed against common people has again proved the fact that the rulers and their administration are hell bent upon pushing the common people to the wall.”

“Pulwama is on protest from last 20 days. Hundreds of youth have been arrested and this stubbornness of authorities has compelled the people of Pulwama to go for an indefinite protest and from last many weeks shops, markets and other human activities remain closed in this town which has resulted in damages worth millions to business in Pulwama. All that is happening in Pulwama is because of the stubbornness of rulers and their authorities who only want to crush a people’s movement by military and police might,” Malik alleged adding, “conflicts and enmities remain relevant during life and giving respect, graveyard and erecting memorials in the name of those martyred during conflicts is a common feature and human behaviour.”

Malik said that even during fierce wars this practice is done in civilized societies but here in Jammu and Kashmir “callous and inhuman authorities are such cold-blooded that they oppose and even stop the furfurals of martyrs, they ban  organizing their graveyards and erecting hoardings of people who lost their lives during the conflict”. “This approach of rulers and their authorities has once again exposed their real faces and inhuman instincts.”

While condemning “this ruler’s callousness”, Malik said, “whole of Kashmiri nation stands by their Pulwama brethren in this struggle and we assure honourable people of Pulwama every support in this regard.”

Meanwhile Malik expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the demise of mother of “great martyr” Sajad Ahmad Kenu.

Malik along with a delegation comprising of JKLF leaders Noor Muhammad Kalwal and Muhammad Yasin Bhat and others visited Islamabad and expresses solidarity with bereaved Keno family.


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