Campus Diary: KU English Deptt Holds Workshop on English Language Teaching



University of Kashmir’s department of English in collaboration with Cambridge University Press conducted a two day workshop with college teachers and Research Scholars on English Language Teaching.

The workshop focused on the practical application of Grammar which the participants found very interesting and useful. Inaugurating the workshop, the Kashmir University Vice Chancellor, Dr Khurshid Andrabi said that these workshops should be organised more often to   refresh  and  empower the teachers of English  to teach in a better way and asked the Cambridge Press Regional manager M  Ronald  to  sponsor  these workshops  more  often  to enrich the teachers with  skills of communication  as it has become very important in modern  globalised world.

In her welcome address, Head department of English, Prof Hameedah Nayeem said that the choice of the teaching of Grammar has been made for some basic reasons. First, grammar is the doorway to human soul. It is the secret muse of all expression, the portrait painter of life’s emotions. Grammar is taught to help students gain flexibility in their use of language. It is a meaningful part of their education. Its instruction gives students meta language, language about language. Having this students can learn a great deal more about how to communicate clearly and correctly than they can without it .With just a handful of sentence patterns , with expandable and shrinkable  noun phrases and verb phrases, we can accomplish the most extraordinary of human capabilities- communication. ‘Properly structured grammar instruction is highly brain compatible because the  brain is a pattern seeing –device and grammar is a patterned system’  points out  John Crow.

‘Grammatical correctness is like apparel’, says Mark Twain. Before writers / speakers are judged for the content of their work / speech, they are judged for their grammar. As naked people have little or no influence on society. So teachers / students without the knowledge of grammar can have no influence on society.

“In recognition of this fact, teachers and large number of scholars who attended the workshop were very grateful and appreciated the choice of theme  and requested the dept to organise such workshop more often and  impress upon the  college principals to allow  all the teachers of English  in their colleges to participate in these workshops,” the statement said.

However, the HoD said, “invitations were sent to all the colleges of the valley but we received lukewarm response from most of them.”

“If education minister takes a call on this and makes it mandatory for principals to allow the teachers to participate in these workshops, we could  empower   both   teaching and student community with better  language skills in an on -going process,” she said.


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