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Kashmir’s culture has fascinated the world for centuries. This section offers detailed narratives about the arts, crafts, individuals and characters that keep Kashmir’s art front active and attractive.

Living with a dying art

His masterly strokes of the brush put life in words. For Ace Arabic calligrapher Tariq Ahmed Shah, to paint is…

Sculpting a History

An applied artist by training, Masood Hussain has explored diverse arts and mediums from painting to sculpting. With a penchant…

The vanishing Koshier toep

It is one of those unique unmistakably Kashmir symbols but as Majid Maqbool finds traditional Kashmiri cap is disappearing for…

Preserving the past

At an age when people retire, Atiqa Bano set up a museum to preserve and display rare artifacts and manuscripts…

Green poet

Zarief Ahmad Zarief is known more for his poetry and flamboyant Kashmiri critique than his social activism like his passion…

Reviving Kashmiri Language

by Abid Ahmad Recently Kashmir observed the death anniversary of Akhtar Mohiuddin, the legendary writer of Kashmiri language and literature,…

A fading trot

Hamidullah Dar

Once a popular mode of transport connecting cities and towns in the valley, the Tonga or horse-cart has lost its sheen over the years – mainly due to proliferation of automobiles and in part due to apathy of authorities
While in Srinagar the Tonga has bitten the dust, in suburbs and towns, the vintage mode is still available. A horse driving a cart with the whipping driver standing in front and at least five passengers on the seats is partly visible on the streets in suburbs.
Although government tried to remove the Tongas from roads in towns owing to their obstructive speed and unusual stoppage, instead deciding to compensate the Tonga drivers by providing them vehicle permits and monetary benefits, the drivers are hardly impressed.

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