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Part of Kashmir’s history was dominated by the debate on rights and the liberties that individuals can avail. This section has exhaustive reportage of individuals and incidents that keep the debate going on.

Human Rights
RTI & Human Rights

Dr Raja Muzaffar BhatThe violation of Human Rights has been a matter of great concern in Jammu & Kashmir for…

A Widow’s Life

An overwhelming 91 per cent of widows choose not to remarry in Muslim majority Kashmir as they are stigmatized and…

Sopore Massacre

An eyewitness of the infamous “Jan 6 Sopore massacre”, Abdul Hamid Bhat, narrates the horrid tale of the slaughter and…

Human Rights
Struggling In Darkness

Many young protesters involved in last year’s unrest were killed or left injured. Sameer Yasir talks to one protester who…


Every time a fresh debate surrounding removal of AFSPA is energised, the army raises a spectre to oppose it. Past…

Human Rights
Twenty Years After

Last week, the SHRC recommended a fresh investigation into Kunan mass rapes and compensation for the victims passing serious strictures…

Horrors of Anonymous Kills

the reports of thousands of unidentified graves of unknown people in Poonch horror stories of the anonymously killed are also…

Shooting In The Silence

Suffocated under indefinite curfew, four young students came together on the Facebook and evolved an idea of making a documentary…

Human Rights
Grave Rejoinders

The SHRC recommended employment of available scientific methods to ascertain identification of dead bodies interred in unmarked and mass graves…

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