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Human Rights
Twenty Years After

Last week, the SHRC recommended a fresh investigation into Kunan mass rapes and compensation for the victims passing serious strictures…


Thousands of people were jailed in Kashmir since 1990’s. Their miserable lives in confinement notwithstanding; scores of them converted their…

Lonely battle

A family that lost its only child last June is fighting to bring the killers to justice even after alleged…

Human Rights
Take off blocked

A young Kashmiri aeronautical engineer was arrested and charged with waging war against the state. Five years later the court…

Immune and offensive

Enjoying the immunity granted to its men under Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the army has consistently sidelined the courts…

Cover Story
Living Torture

The government has scuttled a bill aimed at preventing torture by police and punishing the perpetrators. Khursheed Wani analyses why…

Human Rights
Justice interrupted

Judiciary has been defunct for more than three months as lawyers across Kashmir have gone on strike against the jailing…

Cover Story
Ineffective Inquest

As a commission of Inquiry gets ready to probe the 17 cases of civilian killings since June 11, Kashmir Life…

Pronounced misery

After 14 years of suffering, a Delhi court verdict in Lajpat Nagpar blast case has brought respite to a few…

Human Rights
Jailed and honoured

Iftikhar Geelani’s detention and release from jail is a melodrama that he narrated in a book My Days In Prison.…

Shopain to CBI

Investigators are busy preparing the Shopian rape and murder case to be handed over to CBI after green signal from…

Human Rights
Denial of rights
Freedom of speech and expression may be a constitutional guarantee, but JK government deals protesters with an iron fist, rendering the guarantee
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