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On Difference, Art and Belonging

As a Hindu whose grandfather was shot dead by Muslim militants, Amit Wanchoo has long had reason to quit Kashmir. Instead he’s stayed and prospered in one of the most unlikely career choices on offer in the restive region — singer in a rock band.

Sur, Strength, And Sangam

In recent years, Kashmiri youth are using different genres of music to express themselves. From rap to rock, Sufiayana to…

The music scientist

Syed Sahahzad Asim chose music over medicine and became a successful musician. His family that had opposed his career choice…

Walaykum Salam Ladishah Drav

Confined to radio and television studio’s Ladhishah were once the popular street performers, enriching Kashmir with satire and humour. Aliya…

Kashmir Raps

A young rapper is gaining popularity among his people in Kashmir. He has got voice, a penchant for music and…

Faith no barrier

A Muslim woman is taking Sikh boys and girls in Srinagar closer to their religion by teaching them kirtan singing.…

Life is a quest

For some it takes a lifetime to know what they want to do with their lives. For some even a…

Royal Musician

For 60 years Ghulam Qadir Langoo sang for rulers and the people of Kashmir, and his passion for music gave…

Jockeying Kashmir

For aspiring Radio Jockeys, Sophie is an inspiration. Her own life has a daily transition from a homely girl to…

Death of A Musical Note

With Gen X refusing to learn the art of making musical instruments, a centuries old art form in Kashmir is about to extinct. Shazia Yousuf tells the story of its last surviving artist, Ghulam Mohammad Zaz.

Bringing the timeless music back

Singers are breaking the shackles and re-introducing traditional Kashmiri music to the people it belongs to. Tanveen Kawoosa tells the…

Sheikh Abdul Aziz

(March 1928- December 2006) For most of his life, Sheikh Abdul Aziz did everything possible to retrieve some of the…

In Search of Sufiyana

Musicians performing Sufiyana ragas in parties that ran all night are a thing of the past. A few young artists…