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Lost not longing

Arshid Malik On my recent trip to Chandigarh with some of my colleagues we stopped over for some advice on…

The Straight Curve
And we shall be free

Arshid MalikThe very recent Egyptian upheaval has sent ripples down the international political spine, with people from different nationalities finding…

The Straight Curve
The age of IVRs

Arshid MalikIt is the omen – the omen of an eventual takeover of the entire human civilization by fleshless, bloodless…

The Straight Curve
We need a centrifuge

Arshid MalikKashmir is in bad need of a politico-socio-economic centrifuge; a centrifuge that would isolate causations on a classical basis.…

The Straight Curve
A sleepy village

Arshid MalikThere are some things about Kashmir and Kashmiri people that I have never been able to comprehend.  For instance,…

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