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The Straight Curve
They shot you

Arshid Malik Draped in white, your head nods in agreement when the village council meets at around exact dusk, with…

The Straight Curve
New age ghouls and ghosts

Arshid Malik
When we were kids, we used to be “sitting ducks” for a bowlful of horror stories that were scary enough to make us pee in our pants. This very bouquet of ghost stories stayed rolled up the sleeve of elder siblings, parents and grandparents elementally narrated in times of dire need, which is when we got really naughty. These home-churned “Tales of the Crypt” were melodramatically enhanced by all kinds of sounds, humanly manageable, and eerie grunts and groans until the script really crept up your limbs like vicious little arachnids.

The Straight Curve
The Park Bench

Arshid Malik

When I was a kid I used to play a strategy board game called ‘Careers’ with my cousins at home. What made this game one of the most interesting board games of my early life was the fact that no matter who played against me, I always won. Anyways, while moving across the board one would most fear landing in a cell which read ‘Park Bench. Landing on this particular cell meant losing the next move to your opponents

No room for the newsroom

ARSHID MALIK George Orwell wrote the lines, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the…

Indexed Amnesia

By: Arshad Malik I still remember the day I watched the Hollywood blockbuster movie Titanic. It was an enthralling experience.…

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