Central Schemes Being Misused In JK: Union Minister

KL Report


Alleging that funds meant for central schemes were being misused in Jammu and Kashmir, The Union Minister for agriculture said that the government of India will scrutinize all the centre sponsored schemes meant for Jammu and Kashmir.

“The funds sent to the state do not reach to the people. It is eaten up by the state government here. You must have seen how many schemes have been given by the Government of India to Jammu and Kashmir and how much funds are given for them but the same is not properly utilized,” Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh told KNS.

He said it is strange that most of the centrally sponsored developmental schemes are not fully implemented in this State. “Most of these schemes are meant for all states and some are exclusively meant for J&K State. While other states take full advantage of these schemes and projects, this State lags behind in most of the cases,” he said.

He said that some schemes which are exclusively meant for Jammu And Kashmir State also remain optimally unutilized.

When asked about the reports of mismanagement in execution of some education schemes he said, “Yes there are also reports of mismanagement in execution of some schemes including the SSA in the state. “There are reports about irregularities and misuse of funds of some schemes including the SSA in the State. The government of India will set up a high level committee which will look into all the aspects,” he said.


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