Change your attitude towards people: Kamal to ministers

KL Report


Asking National Conference Ministers to change their attitude towards the people, party additional general secretary Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Monday said party president is mulling to go for a major reshuffle in the party.

He said that it is an open truth that some of the party ministers cared a fig for the people who elected them in 2008 assembly elections. “These people must change their attitude and must understand that people are the ultimate authority and it is because of these people that they occupy the chair,” he said.

NC legislator said that gap between people and party leaders have widen while the party president Dr Farooq Abdullah is keen to bridge the gap between traditional party workers and leaders. “Farooq Abdullah was busy in New Delhi and he had not information what was happening on the ground in Kashmir. Farooq Sahab himself admitted that due to his busy schedule in New Delhi, he found it difficult to spare enough time for the party. The defeat in Parliament elections opened the eyes of party leadership and now everyone has agreed to change his attitude towards the people,” he said adding that there is no doubt that party Ministers kept themselves detached with the common people and even did not bother to receive their phone-calls in time of need.

He said that both youth and old-guard have to run the affairs of the party smoothly. “Youth are keen to work for the party while the senior leaders can advise and guide them to steer the boat of the party. The change that party is going to make will see mixture of both. Now Farooq Abdullah is available for the workers in Kashmir, the party will surely be able to make one-to-one contact with the people and party workers,” he said.


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