CHC employees Chattergam demand transfer of BMO

Asmat Khan/ Umaira Hassan


The employees of community health centre (CHC) Chattergam, Wednesday protested against their lady Block Medical Officer (BMO) here in Lal Chowk leveling serious allegations of bribery and misbehavior against her.

Chattergam is a village lies in the district Budgam.

The protestors including doctors and para medical staff demanded immediate transfer of the BMO.

The protesters alleged that the BMO Chattergam Dr Jozy Bashir misbehaves with the employees.

The protesters raised slogans against the BMO. According to them the BMO uses offensive language against the employees without any reason.

“She is a corrupt officer and asks for bribe from us. She demands thousands of rupees, openly. She even abuses us if we don’t comply with her unnecessary demands,” said Jasbir Kaur, a protesting employee at the CHC.

The protesting workers further said, “We even approached director health services and the concerned MLA, regarding the issue but they too are supporting her. We demand stern action against the BMO of our Health Centre.”


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