China used nail-studded iron rods to kill soldiers : Report

SRINAGAR: In the violent clash on Monday night, the Indian army lost a Colonel and 19 other personnel when the Chinese soldiers attacked Indian soldiers with stones, nail-studded sticks and iron rods, according to reports.

China used nail-studded iron rods to kill Indian Soldiers. Pic: Internet

The Chinese Army used iron rods studded with nails to attack Indian Army soldiers hence proving that the assault was premeditated. A photograph of the improvised weapon is going viral on social media where multiple nail-studded iron rods can be seen, reported The Times of India.

“Many of those killed appear to have been punched or shoved off a ridge onto rocks and into the icy river. Post-mortem examinations on those killed showed that the “primary reason for death is drowning and it looks like they fell from a height into the water because of head injuries,” news agency AFP quoted an official as having said.

Defence reporter Ajay Shukla also took to twitter and expressed his rage and condemnation at the treatment met to Indian soldiers.

“The nail-studded rods — captured by Indian soldiers from the Galwan Valley encounter site — with which Chinese soldiers attacked an Indian Army patrol and killed 20 Indian soldiers. Such barbarism must be condemned. This is thuggery, not soldiering,” wrote defence reporter Ajay Shukla on Twitter, sharing a picture of the alleged rods used in the clashes.

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