City To Have Robust, Reliable Public Transport System: DC Srinagar

SRINAGAR: With the city facing a dearth of public transport systems, authorities are planning to introduce a new fleet of minibuses and auto rickshaws on “hungry routes,” officials said on Tuesday.

The Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar, who also serves as the chairman of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA), stated that a trial run has already been conducted for all the routes that will soon be implemented.

“A survey was conducted for the numerous underserved routes in Srinagar, and during a recent RTA meeting, it was decided that a new fleet of mini-buses and auto rickshaws will be introduced in the city,” the DC stated while speaking to the media on the sidelines of the opening of a reading facility in the Magarmal Bagh area.

After conducting the survey, it was discovered that there are approximately 12-13 “hungry routes” in Srinagar city, which will soon have the minibus service initiated. “We have already conducted a trial run of the services on these new routes, and we will address the frequent complaints from passengers,” the DC added.

The DC further expressed that the public transport system in Srinagar is gradually improving. Previously, the transport system was not “organized and robust,” leading to an increase in the number of private vehicles on the roads.

“In Srinagar city, our carrying capacity is around 3 lakh two-wheelers and four-wheelers, while on a daily basis, we witness approximately 5 lakh vehicles on the roads. We will soon have a robust and reliable public transport system in place,” the DC stated.

Residents from various parts of Srinagar have been complaining about the lack of public transport services on their routes, while many areas are demanding e-rickshaw services.-(KNO)


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