CM Mehbooba hails police for containing situation in valley during summer uprising

Aakash Hassan


Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that she believes in “Mufti Doctrine”.

Reacting to the leader of opposition and former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who on Saturday termed that government is working on “Doval Doctrine,” CM Mehbooba said, “I believe in Mufti doctrine,” she said.

“I don’t believe in ‘Doval Doctrine’ or ‘Dulat Doctrine’, But if they will help me, I salute them,” Mehbooba said.

While referring to discussion by the legislators, she said the concern of the members has been the uprising of valley and I feel we will “have to solve it collectively”.

Terming AoA as only document that could serve aspiration of the people she said that “It would be unfortunate and I will feel failed, if we will not be able to work on the document.”

Stating that governance problem will be met with the Rs 8000 Cr package she stated Political situation as prerequisite for the “overall development”.

Chief Minister hailed the Cultural diversity of the Jammu region

“When we pass through roads in Jammu, there are Kashmiri, Muslims, Sikhs, Dogras, Paharis,” she said, “This is what we used to see in Kashmir.”

“But we rarely witness that image in Kashmir now while Jammu is still possessing it,” she said stating that “When K Pandits left valley no one asked them in Jammu that where they should live.”

While referring to the migrant settlements issue she alleged of “conspiracy” to worsen the situation in valley.

She also termed that pundits cannot live safely at the places they came from.

“When our workers don’t feel safe and they have to stay in hotels how pundits can be safe,” CM said.

Stating revival of Sufism in Kashmir, Mufti said, “Whole world has bad image of Islamic world.”

She stated Article 370 as connation between India and Kashmir.

“It is on the basis of Article 370 that we have joined hands with India and, if any force tries to hurt it he will be hurting our soul,” she said.

The Chief Minister said those asking for its scrapping don’t know that it is linked to the political character of the people of the State. She said it is Article 370 which has persuaded the people of the State to reject the monolith concept of living and adopt a pluralistic way in tune with the traditions and ethos of the place.

By saying so, Mehbooba Mufti said, these elements are actually bruising the soul of this ethos resulting in counter elements which ultimately goes against the interests of the State and the country. She said Article 370 would be preserved in its form and efforts to dilute it would not be allowed.

She also sought help of opposition requesting them to “not make returning of pundits an issue of demographic change.”

She stated that some people are exploiting this thing and said, “Kashmir cannot become Afghanistan or Syria.”

She hailed the efforts of J&K police in containing the situation during unrest in valley.

“I saw videos how policemen were holding hands before people,” she said.

While expressing her regret over the situation of valley she said, “I will feel unfortunate for whole of my life about what happened. It should not have happened.”

Responding to other demands of legislators, the Chief Minister announced that Travelling Allowance of members of legislature would be raised to Rs 2 lakhs and their sitting fee would also be enhanced to Rs 2000 per sitting. She also announced raising the car and housing loan amounts in respect of legislators in view of the rising prices.

The Chief Minister said Rs 200 crore have been earmarked for the development of sports in the State and also announced that 1500 physical education teachers would be recruited to meet up the challenge of sports training in Jammu & Kashmir. She also announced the adjustment of Rehbar e Janglat in the Forest Department.

The Chief Minister recalled the role of employees during the tough times of summer unrest and complimented their dedication and devotion. She said though the snowfall this winter was of very high volume, roads were cleared quickly and other services were also restored quickly. “Though speed of work slowed down on many projects due to unrest but things are picking up again”, she said.

The Chief Minister said an Aiwan e Sahafat would be set up at Srinagar soon for the benefit and encouragement of media fraternity. She also announced a hike of upto 50 percent in the rates of Government advertisements.

Saying that tourism is not what is to be built but what is to be offered, Mehbooba Mufti said she has directed the Department to involve local people in the development of tourism related projects so that they become part of Government’s efforts to promote the trade on long term basis. She said the Government has floated a concept of border tourism which would be given requisite push. She said Ranjit Sagar, Mantalai, Sudhmahadev, Jammu and Patnitop cable care projects have been taken up in Jammu province to make it an independent tourist destination.


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