Communication Lines between PDP and BJP break-down




Day after BJP said that government formation in J&K can’t be conditional, PDP on Saturday said that the communication channels between the two parties have broken down and there was no fresh attempt from either side to open the channels again.

Senior PDP leader and MP Muzaffar Hussain Beigh said that he was not sure whether the two parties were still engaging each other viz-a-viz government formation.

“As far as I Know, there are no lines of communication as of now.” Beigh told KNS over phone.

Earlier, Beigh had said that the two parties should continue engaging each other to dispel the wrong notions in the public.

“I think there is misunderstanding between the two parties while having consultations on government formation. The two parties should take some time and resume the deliberations,” Beigh said.

Dispelling the notions that the PDP had said fresh conditions for government formation the PDP leader said that there were no such pre conditions from PDP, however, the only thing PDP wanted was the assurance from the government of India to adhere to the agreement the saffron party had reached with late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

He clarified that the things are being twisted viz-a-viz the conditions and made it clear that even the decision of army vacating Tatoo ground and other places was based on the confidence building measures the Mufti Sayeed led PDP had laid ground off. But said that both parties should be given credit for the same.

“I cannot say with certainty whether the government will be formed or not. But as far as I know, Mehbooba Mufti has not set any new conditions before BJP to form the government. She has asked the BJP to ensure the Agenda of Alliance is implemented” Beigh said.

The PDP leader while pitching for transparency in negotiations said that the basic stake holders i.e. the general public should not be kept in suspense said that it was the duty of both the parties to keep people aware of the developments.

“It is the obligation of both the parties not to keep people in suspense over government formation,” the PDP leader said.

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