Comprehensive audit of roads held in Srinagar


The administration in Srinagar has conducted a comprehensive performance audit of roads in view of public complaints about quality of roads in the district.

The audit was done by a committee of engineers constituted under the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary. The committee proceedings were conducted under the supervision of Chief Planning Officer Srinagar M Yaseen.

The audit process lasted three months and involved over 100 officials and personnel from half a dozen agencies and departments.

The audit studied the reasons for repeated damages to roads in Srinagar involving local and outside experts who made thorough on-the-ground assessment of reasons responsible therefore.

The terms of reference for the committee included identification of roads and problems with the latter being done using advanced machineries for testing.
The audit studied and found problems in planning and execution stages. Road distress and misuse were found amongst the reasons that add to the road problem in the district. It also found problems in designing stage which add to the problem.

The process included case studies of major roads which undergo untimely degeneration. Poor drainage network besides other deficits were identified as major concerns adding to the road problem.

The aim of the document is to serve as a baseline for ensuring quality of roads in the district and planning various projects.

It should be noted that the district administration is working tirelessly on the issue of quality of roads. The audit is a part of this effort aimed at finding permanent solutions to this recurring problem once for all and ensuring quality roads in the Srinagar city.

The audit stresses the importance of cooperation against public misuse involving rampant unplanned and illegal constructions, encroachment on roads, violation of the Prevention of Ribbon Development Act, among other damaging activities on roads.

Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary said the administration is looking to put the findings of this audit in public soon in order to initiate an honest discussion about it and find permanent solutions to this problem.


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