Congress Submits Adjournment Motion in Legislative Council



An Adjournment Motion was submitted by Congress in the Legislative Council for October 6 to discuss the grave situation that has arisen due to the unavailability of ration and ration cards to people.

The Motion moved by MLCs, G N Monga, Jugal Kishor, Mohammad Muzafar Parray and Sham Lal Baghat to Hon’ble Chairman states that a huge chunk of population has been left out from getting the ration from ration depots.

The Congress MLCs led by Monga have also demanded half an hour discussion on empowerment of Panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir. The demand was made after the government failed to give satisfactory reply to a question raised by Monga regarding empowerment of Panchayats.

Monga had asked the government that whether Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) have been deprived of their empowerment from 14 departments. He had also asked what was the reason to side line the much important and grass root institution of Panchayats.

The Congress MLC had also asked what steps have government take to enhance the remuneration of the Panchayat members.

However, after getting unsatisfactory replies, Monga and other MLCs Ali Mohammad Dar, Shehnaz Ganaie and Sham Lal Baghat demanded the Chairperson to provide half an hour time for discussion over the issue.


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