‘Cooling Period’ Gives Heat to GAD, Ministers sans Personal Staff

Tasavur Mushtaq


Civil Secretariat Jammu.
Civil Secretariat Jammu, a file photo.

With the new government in office for two days now, General Administration Department (GAD) is still inconclusive about the deployment of personal staff to the ministers. The ministers even after assuming their respective offices Tuesday have no ‘formal’ staff to work with.

The reason for this inconclusiveness is government order no 268-GAD of 2015 dated March 04, 2015 which says that “the deployment of the officers/officials in the Personal Sections shall not be repeated and there shall be a cooling period of two years between two spells of deployment.”

The order has put GAD in tight spot. The staff which worked with ministers of NC-Congress government has cooling period till October end 2016. Technically, the staff of previous PDP-BJP ministers has to wait for cooling period of two years from January 2016.  This has emerged as sort of ‘crises’ as no order has been issued for deployment of the staff.

Sources in GAD said, “informally, one or two people have been told to attend ministers and file has been sent to Chief Minister for seeking her approval to amend the order and allow previous staff to work.”

In case, the order is not amended, the GAD has to see third tier of staff which they say is not possible as already people well versed with working in personal offices of ministers have been exhausted.

There are reports that many employees who could not get chance last time are building pressure to work with the ministers. In few instances, animosity between staff members is playing the spoilsport in finalizing the requisition form.

Interestingly, even the Chief Minister is yet to get the personal staff.


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