Baglihar Breaks Record in Energy Generation

Masood Hussain


Baglihar dam: A view from outside
Baglihar dam: A view from outside

J&K’s state owned power project at Baglihar has created a new record in energy generation. Against the yearly design energy of 2536.07 million units (mu), it has generated 2953 mu in 2015-16 ending March 31, 2016.

“This is not first time that we have generated more than we are designed for,” a senior engineer from the power house said. “We have done it every year since 2009-10. But the difference is that last fiscal was the highest ever.”

The engineer was talking about the 450-MW Stage-I only. Baglihar’s Stage-II is also having installed capacity of 450 MWs comprising three units of 150-MW each. The project is complete and has generated an additional energy of 140 mu during trial runs after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it.

“Of the three units, two units have been transferred to the PDC by the electro-mechanical contractors,” the engineer said. “Right now, only one of the two is running because of the low water level in the river.”

The third unit is being transferred shortly. “By May, we should be harvesting 750 MW of the 900-MW installed capacity,” added the engineer.

The three units are expected to function for next six months as the Chenab will have the peak discharge. This means the energy generations from the Baglihar will double this season. Since half of the energy is being sold to fund the debt part, J&K will still have better energy availability at home thus reducing its dependence on non-local power producers.

The Stage-I of the project went into commercial generation in 2008. Since then, it has generated 20645.24 mu. This makes the generated energy worth Rs 6500 crore in the open market.


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