There will be more power cuts this winter than usual if people wouldn’t cooperate with the PDD and use electricity in a judicious way, PDD Chief Engineer, Kashmir said on Sunday.

Shahnaz Goni, CE PDD, told local news agency KNS that the curtailment schedule in Valley this year is about to get shriller if the electricity demand rises from the people and they start using it in an unplanned way.

Chief Engineer PDD Shahnaz Goni (KL File image)

“So far, the schedule which is in vogue will remain the same but in the coming time, if there is a ruthless use of power by the people, the department would have no option but to prolong the curtailment,” Goni said.

We want people to know that they should cooperate with the department so that they could have better electricity facility available, says PDD chief engineer, adding that if demand rises during the approaching winter period, PDD would be left with no option but to have more cuts.

The power requirement in the state is met from the generation from allocated share from central generating stations, their own power plants, and power purchased from the market. The peak demand of J&K during the current year (April to October, 2017) was 2,768 MW and the demand met was 2214 MW, thus, leaving a shortfall of around 554 MW (i.e 20%). At present, around 70% of the energy requirement is being met from Central Generating Stations in the State.

The PDD chief while refusing to comment over the recent announcement of the GOI about the additional allocation of 792 MWs of power said her domain is to maintain the balance between the supply and the demand. “I wouldn’t comment on this issue. My job is to ensure that the power reaches to people as is supplied to the department,” Goni said.


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