Coronavirus: 3 Cases In A Day; Doctors Ask People Not To Hide Fever, Cough or Travel

SRINAGAR: With three samples testing positive, the crisis has just begun. Two of the patients are being treated at the Chest Disease Hospital and one in the SKIMS. Almost nine more test results are awaited. One of the patient’s post-infection history has shocked the medical fraternity.

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“We today got two new patients, one had travel history to Bangladesh and another to some state in India,” Dr Farooq A Jan, the medical superintend of the SKIMS told Kashmir Life. “We earlier had got two samples from Government Medical Colleges, Baramulla of whom one tested positive. The patient is from Bandipore.” He had gone to plains but not many details are known.

Right now, Dr Jan said, two have discharged two patients but got two new ones. “We have 18 patients of them two in quarantine and one in isolation,” Dr Jan said.

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At the other facilities run by the Government Medical College, for the first time, two cases were detected. “We got nine new patients today and we took their swaps and the test will come by Wednesday noon,” Dr M Salim Khan, the spokesman of the Associated hospitals said. “In the last seven days, we have had 70 tests conducted for Coronavirus. So far all tests were negative barring the two today.”

Of the two patients who tested positive, one had come voluntarily on March 21 and another was referred to the CD hospital by a consulting doctor. “We are keeping the fingers crossed and want people to play a role in identifying the possible infected people,” Dr Khan said.

The medical fraternity is in shock over the behaviour that one of the two patients has exhibited after he flew home from a religious conference in Delhi. Informed sources revealed that the patient had reported to SKIMS Bemina on March 21, and was accompanied by a relative, also a doctor. There, he was seen by two doctors. Later, an ultrasound and a CT-scan was conducted. Later, he visited three private clinics and nowhere, however, he revealed his travel history.

A doctor who saw him in the SMHS and referred him to CD Hospital finally broke his silence on twitter saying even one of his colleagues suggested him to send the patient home which he refused point blank.

“The government must permit the private sector to conduct the tests,” one senior medical professional said. “This will help ease the load from the privileged class that is avoiding coming to the government facilities. This will help us to serve the less privileged who have no class issues.”

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Now spread to 196 countries across the world, the latest death toll is put at around 17500. Italy has doubled its toll in comparison to China where from the virus was first reported. The deaths were reported from India and seven from Pakistan. More than 12000 people are in a critical state right now across the world.


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