Coronavirus: 4G, Han Ji, Na Ji

SRINAGAR: The 4G internet service that was withdrawn in August is still not being restored even at the peak of a pandemic. Medical professionals believe it will help manage the crisis by speedy communication, knowledge sharing and educating the people at ground zero.

Besides, the private schools’ owners said the tens of thousands of students literally in-home quarantine could get busy with some sort of interaction and education during all these weeks if the government could have restored the facility.

On Wednesday, an order was circulating on social media for the whole day. Late in the evening, the government said the order was fake and the earlier order issued on this subject stands. The “fake” order had, however, restricted the restoration of the service to Jammu only.

GNS, a local news gatherer rang up the Union Minister of State for Home who said his ministry has ordered the restoration of the high-speed internet.

MHA orders restoration of 4G internet in J&K: Report

As the news moved around, a Delhi based news agency said nothing of this sort has happened.

Earlier in the day, Srinagar Mayor had also indicated that things are moving in the right direction and the service will be restored. One of the scribes asked him to withdraw his tweet as nothing his happening but the Mayor asserted that he knew it is coming so he will not delete the tweet.

Already almost everybody has sought its restoration – BJP, Congress, PDP, NC, Dr Farooq Abdullah. Omar Abdullah also made the demand after setting his foot outside his sub-jail. Now Omar is angry. He asked why should “we be made like beggars”.

Nobody knows what is happening. In Kashmir, 4G is as elusive as the cure of Covid-19 in the rest of the world.


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