Coronavirus: Geriatric Consultant Volunteers Telemedicine Facility For Senior Citizens

SRINAGAR: With an elderly woman testing positive for coronavirus making her the first case in Kashmir, a Geriatric consultant on Thursday offers telemedicine facility for senior citizens in Kashmir.

Dr Zubair Saleem Consulting Geriatrician (Specialist for Senior Citizens)

According to reports it has established that elderly people are at higher risk for severe illness and the high death rate from COVID-19.

Reports quoted doctors said that this infection is more fatal in elderly with serious underlying medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, lung problems etc.

“As already advised by the health department, all the necessary precautions are very important. However, what is more, important for the elderly is to stay at home,” said Dr Zubair Saleem, Geriatric Consultant, JLNM Hospital, Rainawari and Ahata Waqar, PHC Chanpora.

He further said, “fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 can give you stress and avoid that by taking a frequent break from watching, reading or listening to the news.”

“Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting. To ease your stress it is recommended to perform meditation of any form at home,” he said.

“Take care of your body, take deep breaths, eat healthy, well-balanced meals, light in-home exercises, sleep well and avoid smoking and alcohol,” he added.

He said, “call people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. Talk to your kith and kin on the phone.”

“Take your regular medicines, avoid changing the medication or its dosage if you experience mild fluctuations in your blood sugar and blood pressure,” said Dr Zubair Saleem.

“Avoid introducing any new medicine in your daily routine. Avoid follow-ups with your doctor. Try local analgesic ointments for body pains. Avoid taking foods that do not suit you. Stick strictly to the dietary advises given to you by your doctor. Low salt, low sugar, low-fat diet is good for one and all,” he said.

Emphasizing the role of caretakers (offsprings) at home, he said, they should take proper care of their parents and see for their medicines and stock for, at least, one month.

“Caretakers should also try to engage their parents in some other activities they usually like. If they are not able to find the medicines prescribed by their doctors, they can buy the substitute with same salt and dosage,” he said.

“I further recommend patients to buy your medicines from Jan Ashudi drug store at affordable prices. We have a record number of 3854 elderly patients being treated at Ahata Waqar, a government daycare centre for senior citizens who exclusively buy their medicines from Jan Ashudi drug store. The efficacy of these medicines is at par with the medicines available in markets under popular brand names,” said Dr Zubair Saleem.

While offering Telemedicine facility to senior citizens, he appealed, “This is for elderly people in general and my patients (at JLNM Hospital, Rainawari and Ahata Waqar, Chanpora) in particular. They should feel free to call me for any health-related issues on 7006020029.”


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