Coronavirus: Hasnain Masoodi seeks release of Kashmiri detainees


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Member of Parliament Hasnain Masoodi raised the issue of release of detainees languishing in prisons in and outside J&K, amid Coronavirus scare.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi

While speaking in Lok Sabha, Masoodi, in a statement, said, “Coronavirus had resulted an emergency-like situation in the Country affecting travel and traffic and relatives of detainees because of  restrictions would not be able to visit them.”

He reminded the Government that more than 400 detainees were detained without charge and trial in Ambekar Nagar, Allahabad, Lukhnow, Agra, Ambala, Tihar and other jails and most of the detainees were of young age.

He demanded immediate revocation of detention orders, the release of detainees their immediate shifting to Kashmir.


Masoodi emphasising importance of IT  and social media in the fight against Coronavirus demanded immediate restoration of 4G in Kashmir.

He also said the discussion on budgetary allocations to J&K merited discussion in the state assembly, where local representative voices would have deliberated upon the issues of public concern in an effective way.

NC spokesman in a statement said that Party’s Member of Parliament while participating in the discussion in Lok Sabha over the grants to J&K said, “The picture that is being presented of J&k is different from the ground reality. I request the ground situation be examined afresh.”

He was of the view that the discussion of the budget should have been discussed in the JK assembly. Stating that the people engaged with tourism, Handicrafts and

Horticulture sector are suffering the most due to the internet blockade, and inclement weather conditions, lockdowns he said that the government has not made any investment in their rehabilitation.

On the issue of unemployment of around 70 percent in J&k, he said the state is primarily dependent on agriculture, tourism and public sector jobs as far as employability is concerned. He questioned the direction of budget saying that the government of India should have a dialogue with all affected traders, horticulturists, and people engaged in handicraft sector to mitigate their sufferings.

He also decried the measures that were taken on the of August 5 last year as unilateral and unconstitutional saying the there cannot be any trade-off between the genuine political aspirations of people of J&K and the budgetary allocations.


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