Coronavirus: Kashmir Press Club Initiates Fund For Helping Members In Need


SRINAGAR: As the Coronavirus outbreak is ripping apart economies and shattering the businesses, the media industry is also not immune to its ill effects. Some of our fraternity members may be in dire financial need during the ongoing crisis.

As such, Kashmir Press Club (KPC) is raising a fund for this purpose (Bank details below). We will try to help our associates with an amount for basic sustenance. As a first step KPC management has decided to dedicate Rs 1 Lakh from its account for this welfare fund.

We are also raising an appeal for donations within the journalist community of Kashmir to help build this as a corpse fund to deal with this situation. You can donate even an amount as small as Rs 100 to this cause. This fund would be at the disposal of all the journalists of Kashmir, irrespective of the fact that whether he is a KPC member or not. However, before disbursal, the KPC management committee would be well within its rights to scrutinize the requests and before taking a final call.

As a basic rule, only those members would be eligible to draw from the fund who have had no source of income during this pandemic period or are facing serious hardships to sustain themselves/ dependents.  The token amount (Rs. 3000/month during the pandemic period) would be a kind of sustenance kit. But before the amount is disbursed to non-member journalists, two bonafide members of the KPC should recommend his/her name. No names will be shared to maintain confidentiality and uphold the dignity of our brethren in need.

You can either directly contact management committee including President Shuja-ul-Haq, Vice-President Moazum Mohammad, General Secretary Ishfaq Tantry and Treasurer Farooq Javed Khan.

Or simply register your name with KPC Manager Mr Sajad Ahmad (9858394209) or Manager Accounts Mr Yamen Farooq (7006296204).

Bank details:

Account Name: Kashmiri Press Club Welfare Fund
Account No: SB/1112040100003880
MICR Code: 190051050
Bank Name: J&K Bank (Polo View), Srinagar J&K


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