Coronavirus: Police Families Insured


Working on the forefront to contain spread of COVID -19, the Police Department has taken concrete measures to ensure welfare of the families of its personnel, who are performing their duties round the clock.

Consequent upon the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19),  the  police personnel are guarding the quarantine centres, ensure proper lockdown, assist the civil administration to faciliate transportation and movement of essential services, assist the Health Department in contact tracing and also provide assistance to the general public with regard to supply of essential commodities.

In addition, Police department has established help lines in all Districts to take care of calls received from the citizens in distress.

The multifarious duties have stretched the resources of the department. As such, police personnel have to put in additional hours of duty and consequently stay away from their families for longer periods than usual. To mitigate the problems of their families, the unit heads have taken appropriate action/ steps to ensure essential supplies in various police colonies.

Quarantine centres have been set up in police training centres to isolate police personnel suspected to have contracted the coronavirus.

Help lines have been established at Police Hospital Srinagar and Jammu to cater to any exigency related to the police personnel and their families.

The J&K High court, while hearing a writ petition  on its own has  expressed concern about the welfare of dependents/families of healthcare personnel/officials engaged in the management of Covid -19 and has directed the Government to take steps to take care of needs of families of such personnel. To ensure their implementation and further stream line the system, already in place, the department has taken series of measures.

All the District SSsP/ Commandants of AP/IR Bns/ other unit heads have designated a Nodal Officer in respective units. The name/ Designation/Cell No. of these Nodal Officers has been provided to all the Police personnel performing front line duties/other duties.

The particulars of all police officers/officials performing front line duty alongwith their residential address and contact Nos made available to the concerned Nodal Officer, who shall maintain a log book and enter details of distress calls received by him alongwith action taken there on. The Unit Head shall inspect such log-books on weekly basis and ensure appropriate action has been taken.

The Estates Officer of Police Colonies situated at Bemina, Zewan, in Srinagar and Channi Himmat & Gulshan Ground in Jammu and other places have been designated as Nodal Officers for these colonies. They have been asked to ensure that the essential supplies are made available to the residents of the colonies and also ensure that medical assistance wherever required is made available to the residents of these colonies. They will liaise with Medical Superintendent Police Hospital Jammu and Srinagar in this regard. In case issues regarding availability of essential commodities arise, the liaison officer will take up the matter with concerned district officers.

ADGP CID, Armed, Railways J&K, IGP Security, Director SSG, Director SKPA Udhampur, IsGP Jammu, Kashmir, Traffic, Crime, and all other officers have been asked to ensure implementation of these directions and provide list of all Nodal Officers to PHQ.


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