Council: Lack of Quorum forces Naeem to bring opposition back to the LC

KL News Network


Lack of Quorum due to vacant treasury benches forced both Minister for Education Naeem Akhtar and Minister for Roads and Buildings Abdul Rehman Veeri to virtually plead opposition MLCs who were sitting in the gallery to return to the house so that proceedings of the house could be started.

When the house assembled at 11.01 am, just 4 MLCs and 3 ministers were seen on the treasury benches.

Agitated over the disparity in the distribution of funds, entire opposition was sitting outside in protest.

Chairman Haji Anayat Ali had to direct Minister for PWD Abdul Rehman Veeri to find out where the MLCs are. Veeri went out of the house and did not return. He was seen requesting the opposition MLCs who were sitting in the gallery to come back to the house.

In the meantime, Leader of the house and Minister for Education Naeem Akhtar entered in the house at around 11.04 am. While Chairman Haji Anayat Ali announced adjournment of the house for 5 minutes, Naeem Akhtar requested him not to do so and he himself went out to request the opposition to return to the house with a promise that their concern would be taken care off.

Following this, Chairman preferred to wait for another few minutes. The opposition returned to the house with Basheer Veeri of NC along with other opposition members demanding that government should issue a statement clarifying why MLAs have been bestowed with extraordinary powers and why MLCs are being ignored.


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