Covered with Head Scarf, Kashmiri Students Barred From Writing Medical Test in Delhi


Aakash Hassan

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While appearing in All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) Some Kashmiri female students Sunday alleged that they were not allowed to appear in test wearing head scarf.

They had flew to New Delhi for all important AIPMT. They alleged that they had to appear in exam without head scarf, thus hurting their sentiments.

“I was asked to remove my headscarf and even hair clips were not allowed. We were asked only to uses rubber bands in hair,” said a student wishing to be anonymous, who appeared in exam center at St Xavier’s Secondary School Delhi.

“When we protested against the move, we were told it was to maintain discipline,” the students said, “we were told it was to refrain students from using any gadget inside the scarf. Though we asked them to return us our scarf only after proper check but they didn’t listened to us.”

Students said that they were utterly disturbed by this and were feeling uncomfortable. “I was feeling so uncomfortable in the exam center that I could not concentrate on my exams,” said another student.

All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) is an annual medical entrance examination held across India for MBBS and other medical professional courses.


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