COVID-19: DAK Expresses Concern Over Non-Adherence Of SOP’s By Govt And Public

SRINAGAR: Expressing concern over the laidback attitude of people of Jammu and Kashmir in dealing with the 2nd wave of Corona Virus pandemic the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said that “people are not following Covid appropriate behaviour and health advisories issued by experts in this regard”.

President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik said, that “people in Kashmir region have stopped taking the precautionary measures seriously which may be disastrous.”

He further said, “the same may become a huge problem in the valley in view of 2nd wave and with evidence of rising in coronavirus deaths and positive cases in Jammu & Kashmir.”

“After restrictions on public movement were eased people started thronging public places including markets, the same is an indicator of rising in positive cases.

There is still a lack of awareness among people and they need to be educated so that the situation does not go out of control,” Dr Suhail added.

General Secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar said that “it is unfortunate that some people still call coronavirus pandemic a ‘conspiracy’ which would land people again in trouble and there would be a further rise in cases. He said that 1,25,000 people have been infected by the pandemic in Jammu & Kashmir while as nearly 2000 have died suggesting it is need of the hour to take precautions seriously.”

“We understand that lockdown isn’t a solution and economic activities are must, but socio-economic activities should be done with all precautionary measures,” and following covid-19 SOPs in letter and spirit added Dr Dar.

The DAK criticized the move of re-opening of public parks and Musical Concerts stating that the move may be disastrous for the people and it would encourage people to come out of their homes, as these social, political or religious gatherings can turn out to be hot spots for spread of infection.

“The government has miserably failed to implement the precautionary measures on the ground. There are places where people even do not wear a mask which is unfortunate. The 2nd wave of Covid-19 Pandemic is now a reality and if people would not follow precautions they would fall in trouble and will burden the already fragile health infrastructure,” the DAK said.

The DAK appealed to the government that before issuing any order it should keep in mind all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and protocols should be implemented strictly.

“If the government wants to open public parks or tourist spots, the number of people or tourists should be specified and social distancing and other universal precautions should be maintained,” it said.


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