Credit of peace goes to people: Omar, ‘Mostly criminals in jails’

KL Report


Giving full credit to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for gradual restoration of peace and improvement in the security situation in the State, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Monday said that the sustained efforts by the government in this direction yielded fruitful results with the wholehearted support and commitment of the people for normalcy and tranquility.

“Many attempts were made and conspiracies hatched to disturb the law and order situation in the State and create hurdles in the delivery of governance but the people of the State defeated the elements behind these attempts and helped in maintaining the calm and carrying forward development in all fields of life”, he said and referred to the Kishtwar, Budgam, Zanskar and other incidents.

Replying the discussion on Motion on Thanks to Governor for his Address to the Joint Session of the two Houses of the Legislature, the Chief Minister vehemently rejected the “false conception” being sold by “a group of people” dubbing the prevailing peaceful situation in the State as “deceptive and by force”. “They want to carry the false propaganda as if the government has filled jails and pressurized the people to remain peaceful”, he said.

The Chief Minister said that people of the State are eager to see peace rooting fast and development reaching every nook and corner of the State, as such, they contribute positively in creating peace conditions and strengthening the efforts and initiatives of the government in this direction.

Omar Abdullah said that no jails have been filled with people and nobody is under pressure to work for normalcy. “It is the desire and the will of the people to live in peace and create conducive atmosphere”, he said “only 2396 persons who are mostly criminals are in prisons in the State and of these 35 have been arrested under Public Safety Act (PSA).”

The Chief Minister said that there has been significant improvement in the security situation and human rights violations have come to zero level. He said the militancy has declined by 71 percent during the last five years and no collateral damage to civilian has taken place in the militancy combating operations conducted by the security forces. He appreciated the security forces for exhibiting restraint even in challenging situations. He referred to the militant attack on the Army convey on the highway and on BSF at Bemina and said that despite loss of precious lives, the forces did not resort to indiscriminate firing and applied highest restraint to save the lives of innocent civilians. He lauded the sacrifice of Army and BSF men and expressed the hope that the incidents of attacks on security personnel will reduce and come to zero level with the improvement in the situation and restoration of permanent peace.

While complementing the Army for instituting probe into alleged Machil fake encounter, the Chief Minister expressed dismay over the closure of the Pathribal investigation by the Army and said that when it is established that innocent civilian have been killed, it is necessary to identify the culprits. “If the culprits are not those towards whom finger is raised than we have to probe and find out who are the real offenders”, he said adding that the buck cannot stop here “it has to move and identify the main culprits responsible”. He added that he has taken up the matter with the Prime Minister and will continue to strive for obtaining justice to the bereaved families.

The Chief Minister criticized the opposition for talking high and loud about the institutions and democratic methods but itself indulging in tarnishing the values of democracy and the democratic institutions. “Those (PDP) who talk of institutions and democracy are seen disrupting Governor’s Address, braking furniture in the House and riding on tables in the well of the House”, he said. He lauded the Upper House for conducting the discussion on Governor’s Address in a conducive and palatable environment and highlighting the issues of public interest.

Omar Abdullah said that instead of raising public issues in a democratic and peaceful manner when Legislators indulge in braking furniture and disrupting proceedings of the House, they are degrading the dignity of Legislature and disappointing people who have voted them for batting for the welfare and development of the people and the State. “How can you give lessons on democracy and institutions to others when you yourself indulge in the practice of defaming these”, he questioned the opposition without naming PDP.


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