SRINAGAR: Sarfaraz Khan’s journey to cricketing stardom is imbued with human elements of struggle, sacrifice, and unwavering determination, particularly evident in the pivotal role played by his father, Naushad Khan. He has much to share with Umran Malik, another top cricketer from Jammu.

Umran Malik (cricketer)

Born into a humble family in Mumbai, Sarfaraz and his siblings were raised amidst financial constraints. Naushad, the patriarch of the Khan family, worked tirelessly to make ends meet. In addition to his efforts as a cricket coach and mentor to Sarfaraz and his siblings, Naushad engaged in various odd jobs to support his family. This included selling vegetables, toffees, and even track pants, showcasing his resilience and determination to provide for his children’s dreams despite the challenges.

Naushad’s dedication to his children’s cricketing aspirations extended far beyond financial support. He invested countless hours in their training and development, ensuring they had access to the necessary resources and guidance to pursue their passion for cricket. From setting up a synthetic turf around their house in Kurla to organising training sessions in their hometown of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Naushad left no stone unturned in fostering his sons’ talents.

Cricketer Sarfaraz Khan father Naushad and Kashmir wife, Romana watching his debut performance on the pitch

The emotional bond between Naushad and Sarfaraz is palpable, with the former’s dreams of representing India vicariously fulfilled through his son’s success. Naushad’s journey from a struggling parent to witnessing his son don the Indian Test cap is a testament to the power of parental love, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Anand Mahindra’s gesture of gifting a Mahindra Thar SUV to Naushad further underscores the recognition of his relentless dedication and sacrifices in shaping Sarfaraz’s cricketing career. It symbolises the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and serves as an inspiration to countless individuals striving to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams against all odds.

This is almost the same story that Jammu’s Umran Malik had endured to make it to the test cricket. Malik, a resident of Gujjar Nagar, is the son of a fruit seller. He once played for the national team but he could manage the swing with the pace with which he would bowl. He is expected to bounce back and is most likely to play for Hyderabad Sunrise.

Sarfaraz’s connection with Kashmir is as strong as it is with his father, Naushad. His wife is from a Shopian village. Her abhaya clad presence at his debut game against England – where he was run out after 62 runs, was at full display on TV and social media. Khan had tied his nuptial knots with Romana on August 7, 2023, when his family drove to Pashpora village in Shopian. She was studying radiology and had met the budding cricketer through his cousin, her classmate. His debut test game had made both Naushad and Romana teary-eyed as they cheered in pride.

“It felt very good. To come to the ground. I have been playing since the age of 6. It was my father’s love and my dream to play for India for him,” Khan said after the match. “My father has worked really hard on my and my brother’s cricket. This is the proudest moment of my life.”

Mumbai cricketer Sarfaraz Khan with his bride in Shopian village on August 6, 2023.

Naushad, it may be recalled here, played competitive cricket for Mumbai but failed to make it for Team India. So he decided to live his dream through his three sons, Sarfaraz, Moin and Musheer Khan. While Sarfaraz and Musheer picked up the bat and ball, Moin decided to venture into the training aspect of the game.

Sarfaraz Khan’s Stellar Debut Gets His Kashmir Wife Media Attention

The right-handed batter’s entry in Team India has been a roller coaster ride. Sarfaraz Khan’s cricketing journey saw early success, including stints with the India U-19 team and an IPL contract with Royal Challengers Bangalore. However, setbacks like questions on fitness and an injury in 2017 led to a period of struggle, despite consistent performances in domestic cricket, notably in the Ranji Trophy. Despite stellar numbers, national team selection eluded him until injuries in the Indian camp paved the way for his debut in the ongoing Test series against England, where he finally received his debut cap.


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