Crimean referendum proves borders can be changed anytime: Hurriyat (G)

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Reacting on the referendum in Crimea for independence from Ukraine, All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday said that this referendum has proven the fact that no region of the world can forcibly be kept against the will of its people with any other country for long and the choice and will of the people can’t be changed by force.

According to the Hurriyat (G) the referendum of Crimea has proven this theory wrong that the global village has made the borders irrelevant and the changing of borders have become impossible.

Hurriyat(G) in a statement said that though there are not much similarities in the Ukraine and Kashmir disputes, but one important thing is common that the people of Kashmir also want to decide their future and from last many decades they are continuously demanding for plebiscite. Kashmiri People from 1947 have opposed the forced occupation of India and have never shown any type of willingness to remain with India. World communities have also advocated that a referendum should be held in Kashmir, but due to the arrogance of power and military might, India is not accepting it and is trying to suppress the just demand of Kashmiri people by force. Hurriyat spokesman said that the referendum in Crimea has encouraged the Kashmiri people and made their belief firm that, one day India definitely have to fulfill their demand and due to the changing global scenario, India can’t stand by its policy of rigidity and stubbornness. According to the Hurriyat spokesman, the imaginations of some people that ‘in new global scenario the geography or the borders of any country can’t be changed and the global village have made the freedom movements of the world meaningless’, has been proven wrong by the referendum of Crimea. Spokesman said that the referendum of Ukraine has proven the fact that, the conversion of the world into the global village has neither changed the will of the people nor killed the sentiments and the desire of freedom among the people. He said that people can be ruled forcibly, but the power or force can’t conquer the hearts of the people.

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