Crimson Waves Across the Jehlum

San’aa Sultan


Silence resonates,

Across the ripples of the Jhelum.



Whispers of pain,

Are bound within its banks.


Nobody speaks,

But the words are encrypted,

In the soil,

And in every crimson wave,

Meandering across the Jehlum of our minds.


Whilst it speaks,

It screams and cries,

Of the pain bound within its banks,

It raises its voice,

It cries for justice,

And old Srinagar,

Weeps to the rise and fall of its waves.



The sound of machine guns,

Emptying their magazines,

Into the heart of our struggle,

Into the chest of young Abdur Raouf Wani,

Became immortalised along the streets,

Of Srinagar,

Along the Gaw Kadal bridge,

Whose path now,

Bows its head in shame,

Because she could not protect,

Those who stood firmly upon her,

Wishing to free her from her chains.



The Jehlum will rise once again.



Her screams will be heard.



The young Kashmiri spirit,

Massacred that day,

Will be revived…


So one day,

There will be,

No crimson waves across the Jehlum,

Carrying our blood to its shores.

San’aa is a young Kashmiri currently studying in the UK for A Level examinations. She is also a keen blogger, radio presenter and a poet. She is passionate about human rights and politically active for many causes on Kashmir and Palestine.


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