Cross Loc trade: Govt revokes ban on Pistachio


The Government on Friday revoked the ban on trading of Pistachio through the Line of Control.

The Jammu & Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce (JCCI) while expressing satisfaction over the decision has suspended its protest.

“Government has removed the ban immediately on trading of Pistachio which has been the result of taking up the matter with the concerned by the President, JK-JCCI and we are hoping that the other issues will also be solved in the same spirit so that the Cross LOC trade will become meaningful and beneficial to people of J&K,” JCCI in a statement said.

Notably, the government had earlier imposed a ban on bartar of four items viz, pistachio, apple, charmagaz and anardana of the 21 agreed on tradable items through the LoC.

The decision had evoked a sharp criticism from the trade bodies across Jammu and Kashmir.


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