Crowd, not a nation


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Nations face momentary halts not menacing defeats but the fate of crowds is otherwise. If people of a particular geographical unit with a common language behave like a crowd they are destined to tread the slippery slope of sapping failures. Breaking delicate cobwebs to gloat over the gigantic horses’ release displays the intrinsic nature of Kashmiris.

With ephemeral memories, Kashmiris forget the pain of festering wounds within a pithy time. They follow without knowing those who lead them. They vent garrulously, they are verbose but the gist after boils down to a trifle. They chant slogans without knowing what they are mouthing. They are today what they can not be tomorrow. Above all they are irresolute and junk their toil in seconds, then repent for years.They script history, but an unforgivable one. History bears a testimony that Kashmiris have proved themselves to be a crowd, not a nation.

Both as individuals and in creating institutions, they have failed. When they fail to work as institutions, they are not successful, sensible and their efforts end up in a fiasco. It is always the institutions that make a nation, not the individuals. Kashmiris are a failed nation because, as individuals, they do not follow the institution of a concerted leadership. And unfortunately the institution of leadership is not visible anywhere in Kashmir.

While individuals can not deliver as institutions and Kashmir sans even the great institution of leadership, which other name than a failed nation can be assigned to them, unfortunately! Leaders here exhaust their talent intellect and brains in mud slinging. They talk of a nation all the time but themselves end up being a crowd. Kashmiri leaders talk freedom of nation without knowing path of freedom struggle. Not ready to coalesce their scattered lot, they address mammoth rallies undertaking the need for a unity. When words and action of leaders fail to match, they crumble under the weight of their own ‘deeds’, unable to carry along the burden of nation. Lack of the institution of leadership has cost Kashmiris a great deal and they can not cross the bridge unless having a sound leadership.

At individual level, Kashmiris have failed to recognise the institutions that make a nation. Besides, Kashmiris have proved brazenly unpredictable by whatsoever reasons. They would rise with the man who is in front of them talking their ‘heart’ thus lending credence to rhetoric, hardly bothering about the gist. When rhetoric overwhelms reality and people fail to distinguish between the two, it attests how frivolous they are and how gullible they could be. It creates a situation where every step of the people meets a definite defeat, and the destination the crowd heads to, is destined to prove a mirage.

So as a crowd Kashmiris can not claim to be a nation and without weaving themselves into a nation they can not move beyond where they stand today. Shackles are to be broken but they can not be torn apart while behaving like a crowd. History is fraught with instances that crowds always end up in noises and nations emerge with voices.


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