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Maintaining that Kashmiri language is a symbol and guardian of collective identity of Kashmiri culture and civilisation, Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) on Sunday  decided to launch a concerted campaign and form a comprehensive strategy for the promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language and literature. Meanwhile, an eleven- member committee was set-up to take-up different issues of the language with the government.
AMK held a detailed interaction with civil society in a conference in the Seminar Hall of Youth Hostel, Wazir Bagh Srinagar. Representatives of different sections of society, including academicians, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, former administrators, conservationists and doctors participated in the conference.

During the threadbare discussions, various proposals were put forth and several decisions taken for the promotion of Kashmiri language and literature. The conference while extending wholehearted support to AMK, resolved to be active part of its “language movement.” To take up the issues of Kashmiri language directly with the government, including teaching of the language in the 9th and 10th classes, an eleven-member committee was set up which would be meeting the Chief Minister as a first step of the strategy.

The members of the committee are: Prof Rahman Rahi, Prof Muhammad Zaman Azurdah, Ghulam Nabi  Khayal, Zaffar Iqbal Manhas, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Shehzadi Simon, Prof C L Vishen, Shakeel Qalandar, Nusrat Bashir with Dr Aziz Hajni and Dr Shujaat Bukhari as joint convenors.
The conference was unanimous to oppose any move to change the Persio-Arabic script of the language, while as it was resolved that cultural aggression from government or non-government forces shall be resisted will all the force. the conference resolved to seek support from all sections of society to preserve this identity and civilisation.


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