Cyber Awareness: Don’t Answer Calls From These Numbers

SRINAGAR: A spam call alert is being circulated by Home Ministry’s Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (14C) to prevent people from falling prey to cybercrime.

ANI reported that the experts in data analysis and forensics said that a new cybercrime trend has evolved and people across India irrespective of their professions are getting calls from international numbers having “Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia” origin posing a threat to the financial data security.

Quoting an expert in cyber intelligence and digital forensics, ANI reported that missed call alerts or WhatsApp calls from numbers like +254, +84, and +63 or other international numbers should be immediately reported and blocked immediately.

As per experts, these calls and alerts are made or sent by unscrupulous elements at any time. From early morning between 6 am to 7 am or late in the night, such calls are being received by people from all groups.

If a person or organisation faces a cyber-attack, the matter can be reported on the website, the experts said, adding, focused work is being done with the help of I4C to curb cyber menace by the central agencies”.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah reviewed the functioning of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre(I4C) in March and said that the wing is working for realising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a cyber-success society.

He further said that the I4C is enabling effective and seamless coordination among all agencies and states in the battle against cybercrimes.





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