Dancer Dies on Stage, Was Performing on A Devotional Song

SRINAGAR: In a video clip that is viral on social media, a young dancer dies on stage while performing a devotional song. The incident was reported from Bishnah in Jammu, reports appearing in the media said.

Reports said that Yogesh Gupta, aged around 20, was dressed as Goddess Parvati and was performing a devotional song that was being sung by a devotional singer.

The artist was performing in a programme related to Ganesh Puja dancing-cum-musical opera at a night Jagran in Kotha Sonia hamlet of Bishnah. Locally known as Tanshu son Kuldeep Gupta, he was a resident Bhor area in Satwari, Jammu.

The video shows the young man suddenly sitting down on his knees while performing. He then laid down on the stage. He is seen making attempts to get up by pushing his arms and legs. People watching him perform felt his sitting down and laying was part of the script and performance. However, when many minutes passed by and he still did not move and the song was going on, a fellow performer dressed up as Lord Shiva went to check up on him.

It was at this stage that the audience knew that he was no more. Though efforts were made to revive him, everything failed. He was soon moved to a health facility where the doctors said the young man has died of cardiac arrest. He had already lost his ‘golden’ minutes – the time that requires a medical response in such situations.

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