#Day19: ‘India Murdering Kashmiri Muslims In a well Thought Out Design,’ says Jama’at



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Accusing Indian establishment of “murdering” Muslims of Kashmir in a “well thought out design”, J&K’s largest socio-politico-religion organization, Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI), on Wednesday said that the forces were committing “barbarity” upon the peaceful protestors and victims of government “atrocities”.

Jama’at said that it is resulting in “further killing and injuring” of dozens of “oppressed” innocent youth.

Expressing grave concern and anguish upon this very crucial state of affairs, JeI appealed the United Nations in particular the international human rights bodies to come forward and play their cherished role and put their “diplomatic pressure upon the Indian establishment to deter it from its inhuman role”.

“The people here in addition to expressing their anger against the state atrocities, are also demanding the release of their basic inherent Right of Self Determination but the Indian biased media is misrepresenting the public peaceful movement in a very distorted form and attempting to give it the colour of violence and propagating false and baseless propaganda against it in order to mislead the world,” the JeI said in a statement issued here this afternoon.

“So far, more than fifty unarmed Kashmiri innocent youths have been murdered by the government forces but the allegation of using the arms has not been proved against anyone of them nor against any of the hundreds of injured youth. The fact is that all these youth became victims of bullets and pellets fired upon them indiscriminately by the government forces and were either martyred or injured which has the concrete proofs but the Indian media while articulately hiding these facts, has been making a false propaganda and levelling false and frivolous allegations against the peaceful protestors from the very beginning,” the statement said.

Commenting upon the statement of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the JeI said it was “also baseless in which he stated that CRPF and SOG of police were forced to fire upon the ‘violent crowd’ whereas the fact is that the government forces misused their power without any least justification”.

“The people of Kashmir in particular the present generation is demanding the release of their basic and inherent right and the final resolution of long-pending dispute of Kashmir according to the wishes and aspirations of the people here but the government of India by misusing its might is suppressing the just voice of Kashmiris but on the other hand making a false propaganda against the hapless Kashmiri freedom movement through the biased and partial Indian media,” the JeI added.

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) while expressing its deep sorrow over the biased and anti-Kashmir role of Indian media, appealed the international media to come forward and visit the devastated valley to know the facts and make the world aware of the true state of affairs and the genuine demand of the people.


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