#Day41: ‘PDP on Forefront in Crushing K-Issue With Brute Force,’ says KCSDS



Police forcefully closed down a Medical shop in Srinagar on August 18, 2016-41st day of curfew in Kashmir. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)
Police forcefully closed down a Medical shop in Srinagar on August 18, 2016-41st day of curfew in Kashmir. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

KCSDS, a civil society group based in Srinagar, on Thursday took stock of the situation and deplored the continued “indifference” of government of India (GoI) towards the terrible situation in Kashmir.

It called upon the GoI to take solid steps on ground “to retrieve the situation from turning into chaos and to initiate time-bound process of negotiations with the parties to the dispute”.

In a meeting chaired by Prof Hameedah Nayeem, KCSDS said in a statement issued early this evening, “for the past forty days now, Kashmir has been reeling – after Commander Burhan Wani’s killing – under the back breaking curfew, restrictions and forces’ brutal operations to crush the massive unprecedented revolt in twelve hundred villages of Kashmir.”

“It has been the longest (period of) curfew and brutal operation by forces possibly anywhere in the world,” the statement said.

“So far, 66 persons have been mercilessly killed latest being a lecturer – Shabir Ahmad in Khrew who has been beaten and tortured to death by the forces of the largest democracy in the world. More than 500 hundred have been deliberately blinded by pellet guns and almost ten thousands persons maimed and crippled by guns for life only for raising their voice of protest against brutal and heavily militarized occupation. Any other country in the world which professes to be democratic would have listened to the voice of people and set in motion a speedy political process to address the rightful demands of the agitating people. But Indian state has been sending only more forces to suppress the people’s largely peaceful movement and by trying to generate different deceptive narratives to deflect world attention from the peaceful massive movement and to mis-inform Indian public,” the statement detailed.

“Pakistan comes as a handy whipping boy to GoI to escape from owning responsibility for the sins it has committed in Kashmir. Everyone knows that it has been a spontaneous massive revolt surging out a cumulative anger that has accumulated over the years for not solving the Kashmir issue. The anger is against attempts to   naturalise a military brutal order, for maintaining a paralysing political stalemate, for trying to change the demographics and cultural landscape of Kashmir in spite of having rendered enormous sacrifices both human and material in the past three decades for exercising the Right to Self Determination,” the KCSDS observed.

“In mystifying the current revolt and giving it various names other than what it is in reality, PDP has been on the forefront in helping Indian government to wriggle out of the responsibility of resolving the issue and crushing it with brute force. First Mehbooba’s vilification of the movement through obfuscating outpourings calling it hulla gulla and then (Muzaffar Hussain) Baig taking the vilification to new depths of depravity in a bid to replace her in RSS’s imagination by connecting cataclysmic revolt to the international agenda of Muslim demonization by terming it as ISIS and madrasas’ induced radicalization aiming at establishing Khilafat in Kashmir,” the statement added.

“Indian home minister at least deserves credit for refusing to link it with ISIS et al; everybody knows that those who are spearheading the movement are modern educated youth especially in science and technology and have felt the military and political oppression very intensely. Instead credit goes to opposition party leaders and parliament leaders who have stressed on the political solution of the crisis and speedy negotiations with resistance leaders for the resolution of the long pending issue. The GoI can still retrieve the situation by taking appropriate steps on the ground as suggested by (P) Chidambaram and seriously initiate meaningful negotiations for the lasting resolution of the issue that has devoured millions of lives and brought untold and indescribable sufferings to Kashmiris. Otherwise it will lead to disaster for which GoI would alone be responsible,” the statement said.

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