#Day50: ‘Mehbooba Like Your Daughter,’ PDP To Geelani, ‘Give Her A Chance’



Ruling Peoples Democratic Party which CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday said that the party chief “be given a chance”.

“It is not that she is asking for the moon,” PDP’s chief spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beg said in a party statement issued this evening. “We must give her a chance to address our grievances as we have done with leaders in the past.”

The PDP, through the statement of Dr Beg, “appealed” Syed Ali Geelani “to cooperate in this regard”. “… to give Mehbooba Mufti the opportunity that she deserves.”

“Geelani Sahab must think of Mehbooba Mufti as his daughter, who also happens to be the first Kashmiri Muslim woman to lead our state,” Dr Beg said, “she is not the conventional politician that we deal with most of the times, in-case she does not bring about a change, she will be the first to own up and make way.”

“I appeal Geelani Sahab to give her a chance, she understands the pain and pulse of the people as she has risen from the grass roots,” added Dr Beg.

Dr Beg said, “it would be fair that we give her a chance that she thoroughly deserves as the Chief Minister of the state, who has risen from the grass roots.” “She is merely seeking a chance and an opportunity to perform and address the problems faced by the people, we must give her that chance and then judge her.”

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  1. She has got a chance now. ,50days matter a lot for a nation. For the past 50days she did nothing to pacify our pain. She didn’t even hold accountable the culprits for blinding, killing us Let alone punish them. She didn’t even pressurise centre for taking constructive steps let alone siding us. She has failed miserably. And what pains most is the hypocrisy with which she had shown her loyalty to the people of kashmir and then betrayed them. Rather whole PDP. Has given such pathetic statements and tried to misrepresent the current uprising by putting the blame on Pakistan, pro freedom leadership and even not sparring the religious madrasas for that matter… if just Mehbooba Mufti had shown some courage to be at the side of her people things would had been different.


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