#Day52: If His ‘Efforts’ Fail To Change Ground Situation, Karra Won’t Hesitate To Quit



Tariq Hamid Karra
Tariq Hamid Karra

Senior PDP leader and Member Parliament Tariq Hameed Kara on Monday said that he could also quit “if all his efforts of protesting or agitating” against the government’s failures on the restoration of peace fail to change the situation on the ground.

Stating that it is too early to comment on the final outcome of the Union government’s proposed “initiatives for restoration of peace and normalcy in the state”.

Talking to KNS Karra on the suggestion of the joint resistance leadership that all elected representatives of the Unionist political parties including MLAs, MLCs and the parliamentarians should resign, the senior PDP leader said, “I am very closely watching the situation and even protesting and agitating on it within available means.”

“As and when I would feel that all other available means have failed in restoring peace and tranquillity in the state and normalizing the situation, I would not hesitate to quit as Member Parliament,” he said.

Asked whether he would consult the top of his party (PDP) in case of taking a decision to quit as Member Parliament in protest against the killings of civilians in Kashmir the senior PDP leader said, “it would be my personal decision, not driven by any convenience or compulsion.”

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