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Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) chief and MLA Langate Er Rashid Saturday condemned Indian media for defaming and creating confusion about pro-resistance leadership by dragging their families and kith and kin in their politics.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Rashid said, “the way some ultra-nationalist TV channels are trying to prove that Hurriyat (Conference) leaders are provoking youth to violence and processions by giving calendars, but their own  kids and relatives are either studying abroad, or are serving  government jobs is totally unacceptable and speaks of mental bankruptcy on behalf of these channels.”

“Everyone has a right to agree or disagree with the politics of Hurriyat (Conference) leaders but we need not to forget that their family members have a right to live with honour, dignity and get best possible education. If kith and kin of (Syed Ali) Geelani Sahab, (Syed) Sallahuddin or someone else have achieved a status in the society, it is not because of blessings of India or any other state but only a result of their remarkable intellectual qualities and hard work. By dragging internationally reputed journalist Iftikar Geelani in politics only for the reason that he happens to be Geelani sahab’s son-in-law, some TV channels have lowered their own stature and have forgotten the ethics of journalism. These shameless anchors even forgot the fact that Iftikar Geelani is a member of their own faculty and has suffered worst in Tihar Jail for none of his fault.  One wonders why should Sallahuddin’s children be put to trail for getting government jobs when they have not even seen once their father during last twenty five years. Raising questions about Asiya Andrabi’s son for studying abroad, these channels have made a joke of themselves, as they forgot when the same kid along with her mother was jailed at the age of few months. May ultra nationalist media explain if Asiya’s Husband is languished in jail since more than two decades, why should be his son denied right to education,” he said in a detailed statement.

“May one ask this state sponsored media that had Geelani and other Hurriyat (Conference) leaders agreed to talk to government of India, would it still have indulged in the dirty propaganda about their family,” he asked.

Rashid said that by initiating such nonsense and illogical debates “Indian state and its biased media are confessing that they failed to get Hurriyat (Conference) on board and thus have started a character assassination campaign against Hurriyat (Conference) leaders and their family”.


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