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Khurram Parvez being shifted to Kotbalwal jail on Sep 21, 2016 late night.
Khurram Parvez being shifted to Kotbalwal jail Jammu on Sep 21, 2016 late night.

All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Friday said that Indo-Pak subcontinent is looming under the dark shadows of a possible human catastrophe as a result of “persistent and institutionalized” denial of the basic human rights and freedom loving people can never be cowed down by such “appeasing gimmicks”.

“Working for livelihood by people even in forced occupation is justified, but India’s mockery and its jingoistic politicians considering even this as a favour sarcastically try to humiliate us as a nation,” the Hurriyat Conference said in a statement issued by this evening.

The APHC-g was referring to the employment and other incentives to the people especially youth.

“Let India end this forceful and unwanted occupation,” the Hurriyat Conference asserted, “we assure them that nobody from us will ever approach them for any perk and privilege. Our nation has been forced into the undemocratic and unethical subjugation and is fighting it for the last 7 decades, leaving our three generations brutalized and maimed.”

The Geelani Hurriyat Conference maintained, “persistent denial of this grave humanitarian crisis by India from beginning has led to the political as well as social turbulence and instability making the whole populace frightened and depressed.”

It said, “whenever there is uprising for our basic and fundamental rights, India labels it as ‘cross border infiltration and terrorism’, making a lame excuse to curb it by force, thereby slaughtering and mowing down thousands of people and wiping away almost generations together.”

The Hurriyat Conference said that peaceful demonstrations are not allowed and by the “mischievous and wicked intends, forces make them violent to buy an excuse for use of force and then sell it to the national and international community”.

“(By) doing so,” the Hurriyat added, “they have engrossed about 90 precious lives so far in two and a half months, with hundreds blinded and thousands crippled by bullets and pallets.”

The Hurriyat Conference further said that despite this bloodshed, “Indian rulers and their local puppets pretend to be blind and are unwilling to perceive and acknowledge the motive and ardour behind these unending hardships.”

“Weighing this sacred movement with jobs and other benefits is nothing but a deceitful act of imperialistic mind set. During the last 70 long year struggle of turmoil, India has been able to nourish a good number of political predators in the shape of pro-Indian hatchery, who have time and again rescued them whenever their illegal occupation was threatened, but they will never succeed in wiping away the freedom sentiment from people here,” the Hurriyat Conference observed.

Commenting on the Indo-Pak bilateral talks suggested by some countries and forums, octogenarian Hurriyat chief led pro-freedom forum said, “when there is arrogance of power, when there is deceit and deception, when there is prevarication and fabrication, when there is worst and unbelievable human rights violations, when the bilateral trust deficit touches new heights and above all, when there is no acknowledgement and recognition of the dispute, even if talks take place on daily basis, they fail to yield any results as we are witness to 152 bilateral exercise of such talks.”

Commenting on slapping of ‘lawless law’ Public Safety Act (PSA) on renowned and famous human rights activist Khurram Parvez and his shifting to Kotbalwal jail in Jammu, the Hurriyat Conference said, “Indian democratic fabric is so brittle and delicate, that it can’t with stand even the voice of a human rights defender.”

The Hurriyat Conference appealed International community to “come out of the cocoon of economic relationship” with India and try to understand and realize themselves that “behind the mask of so-called democracy India is doing everything un-democratic, and arresting to silence activists like Mr Khurram is nothing but a desperate and frustrated attempt to put a blanket on the state crafted and orchestrated gross violation of basic human rights, but these inhuman acts have never been able to put a lid on barbaric and heinous crimes by the state”.


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