#Day91: Everybody Has A Right to Speak His Heart Out, says Hurriyat, Focuses on Bait-ul-Maals



Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

All Parties Hurriyat Conference while hailing the “resolve and determination” of people Friday said that despite hardships and difficulties, “whole nation has stood up against the atrocities and brutalities of occupational forces confirming that, although there is a group of collaborators, everybody is not a sellable commodity”.

“We have been sacrificing our lives and livelihood, we are being subjected to worst kind of human repression, killings, injuries, arrests and damage of property has been going on for the last 70 years. Not only human investments, we have been investing our huge economic resources as well,” Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani said.

The Hurriyat Conference strongly condemning the authorities for not allowing Friday prayers in various grand Masjids of the valley and also not allowing Syed Ali Geelani to offer Friday prayer today said, “this is shameful on part of the puppet government which even doesn’t allow religious activities of Geelani Sahab for the last six years.”

“We are at loss of more than Rs 10,000 Crores in the present uprising (and) along with our traders, transport fraternity are the worst suffers. We are not subterfuge to their sufferings. They have been on the forefront of this movement and we all owe them their due honour and respect,” Geelani led Hurriyat Conference said.

It is complete shutdown in Lal Chowk on September 04, 2016 when All Party Delegation is in Srinagar. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)
It is complete shutdown in Lal Chowk on September 04, 2016 when All Party Delegation is in Srinagar. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Referring to the protest by “some transporters against the present uprising”, the Hurriyat Conference said, “everybody has right to speak his heart out and only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

“We have no grudge against them and at the same time we hail and commend the statement of their representatives, wherein they not only dissociated from the protesting people but reiterating their full and unwavering support to the on-going movement,” the statement issued by the Hurriyat Conference amalgam further said.

“Transporters are not able to benefit from the relaxation period and sufferings of their families are not out of our sight. Keeping their hard times in view,” the statement said, “(the) Hurriyat Conference has appealed people to donate a minimum of Rs 500 each to the local Bait-ul-Maals for solitary purpose of helping our transporters.”

“We know it will not fulfil their needs but will at least ease them out in this tough situation,” the statement observed.

The statement said that the Hurriyat Conference has once again “made it clear” that “any help from Bait-ul-Maals is neither begging and nor is it any favour”. “It is a very important part of the Muslim society and one should not hesitate to accept it.”

“Our enemy is not only brutal but cunning as well. It wants to exhaust us in every aspect and force us to surrender, then sarcastically and loathly claim that any sacrifice, however, great and any protest no matter how loud and clear, can’t change the mind-set of the oppressor and these are just futile efforts, but we can’t let down our martyrs, we can’t forget our maimed and incarcerated youth, we can’t compromise unending sacrifices of our nation just for our own comforts. We believe and trust in Allah’s help and the determination of our people to fight cruel and inhuman enemy who tries to snatch every bit of pride and identity from us,” Geelani led Hurriyat Conference asserted.

“Our protest is not a hobby nor it is for political gains of any person or group, but we are forced to harm ourselves to register our protest. We only want to end, the age old killings of our youth, repeated arrests and torture, molestation of our women and the political uncertainty of our coming generation so that we too can breathe easy as humans,” the Hurriyat Conference maintained.

Meanwhile, the Hurriyat Conference while hailing people of different walks of life for their determination and steadfastness has “commended the role” of Bar Association as they have been “strongly fighting” the case of Right to Self Determination both legally as well as politically.

Acknowledging their contribution, the Hurriyat Conference said, “they have been following the protest program in letter and spirit and hope they will continue the same future as well.”

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