A senior APHC leader, rejected the report saying Azadi (freedom from  India) is the only solution for Kashmir issue not ‘self rule’, autonomy and other such recommendations.

Nayeem Ahmed Khan

National Front called the report a ‘futile exercise and attempt by India to divert attention’ of Indian civil society and mislead their own parliament and global opinion by appointing these persons who were given a ‘fellowship on Kashmir’.

Javaid Ahmed Mir

Leader of a faction of JKLF, said that Kashmiris were “fighting for freedom, not for recommendations”.

Nayeem Akthar

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) while reacting to the report tried to partake in any ‘positive’ recommendations made.

The PDP chief spokesman, Nayeem Akthar said that his party was satisfied with some of the recommendations made by the interlocutors. “Some of the suggestions made by interlocutors have been proposed by our party in self-rule document. We are satisfied with their suggestions on cross-LoC trade and making Article 370 as permanent feature of Constitution of India, Akhtar said. “But lot more needs to be done.”

Prof Saifuddin Soz

President of the state unit of Congress party said the report was not a final word on Kashmir but would generate a debate around the issue of the quantum of autonomy the state should be granted.

“The report will generate discussion and debate on the question of enlargement of autonomy to the state within Constitution of India,” Soz said.

Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami

State secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist), said that the interlocutors’ report cannot be a substitute to serious political dialogue on Kashmir and he would respond after studying it in detail.

Prof Bhim Singh

Chairman National Panthers Party described the report as ‘another fraud’ by the Home Minister of India against the ‘nationalist, secular and oppressed people in J&K’.

“Three-Musketeers were sent to Kashmir in a conspiracy to sterilize the ground situation in Kashmir to save Omar Abdullah from the wrath of school going stone pelters who were fed up with his computers fiddling. It is shocking that over 50 crores of rupees were wasted for the pleasures of three-musketeers only to develop eyewash blinding powder which they failed to do,” an angry sounding Singh said.

He said that the report has ‘insulted and disgraced the souls of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, Afzal Beg and another leader’ who signed the final documents with the government of Indira Gandhi which dumped the autonomy demand into the graveyard when Abdullah gladly reconciled to being the chief minister.

“That was the end of the so-called autonomy jargon. The Interlocutors attempt to please Chidambaram and Abdullahs in demanding to constitute a special Constituent Committee to consider all the post 1953 laws promulgated in J&K is a challenge to the integrity of J&K as part of the Indian union,” he emphasised.


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