Democracy is battle of ideas: Mufti

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JAMMUMufti Muhammad Sayeed (1) - Copy

Reiterating his resolve to bring the State out of political uncertainty and provide an effective and accountable administration that connects with the people on the ground, Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Sunday said that “his vision is not only restricted to running the affairs of the Government but to work on a much bigger canvas.

Mufti was speaking in the Legislative Council after Haji Anayat Ali and Jehangir Hussain Mir were unanimously elected as Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the J&K Legislative Council respectively.

Reassuring the people on providing an inclusive government that gives representation to all the regions, Mufti said “by voting in such large numbers, the people have given immense strength to the institution of democracy and laid a huge responsibility on our shoulders.”

“We will not fear from small hiccups but will work on a bigger canvas by involving all stakeholders to take the State towards the path of development,” he added.

Stating that democracy is a battle of ideas, Mufti asked the opposition to play its role constructively to keep the Government on its toes.
“The Government will face many challenges. We see these challenges as opportunities in providing good governance to the people,” he stated.

Congratulating Anayat Ali and Jahangir Hussain Mir, Mufti said he is certain that they will emulate the legacy left behind by stalwarts like Syed Hussain and more recently Amrit Malhotra.

“I am hopeful they will conduct the business of the House efficiently and facilitate the Members in raising issues of urgent public importance,” he added.


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