SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Saturday said that every attempt to weaken NC’s organisational structure and base with people is doomed to fail. This he stated while addressing a one day workers convention at Khanmoh Srinagar.

Among others Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani, District President Srinagar Peer Afaq, Senior leader GQ Pardesi, YNC Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar and Provincial Women’s Wing President Er. Sabiya Qadri were also present on the occasion. The meeting was convened by Vice President, Kashmir Ahsan Pardesi.

Addressing workers, Sagar said, “Democratic politics has always faced serious challenges in the conflict-ridden Kashmir Valley, not only in the last three decades but even prior to that. In fact, the long term roots of  alienation have been traced to the distortions in democratic political space since the early 1950s. Undemocratic dismissal of Sheikh Sahib is a case in point. However NC has withstood such intrusions and fought every attempt to weaken its structure and base. We are sore in their eyes, because we speak of our identity, because we fight for our constitutional safeguards. Had we toed their line, the situation would have been different. Their main aim of anti-kashmir forces is to obliterate The citadel of NC. We have long been identified with Kashmiris identity, dignity and historical uniqueness.  All they want is to wish us out from the political scene of Kashmir. But people are with us. In the recent DDC election results, people have again strengthened our hands.  The march of gradually increasing space for democratic forces in Kashmir is a result of NC’s historical efforts, people know this. This is why NC is the first and last choice of people. Kashmiris have seen political parties surface and vanish. It hasn’t deterred their trust in us. We too will continue to guard our people’s trust in us with our lives, there is no second thought to it.”

In his address to people, Nasir said, “There is no end to government apathy. The recent weather fury has let slip to the utter negligence and incompetency of the incumbent air dropped administration in dealing with the situation that had surfaced in wake of long spell of rains. The situation is no different in other sectors. Unemployment, development deficit, and administrative apathy have become the bywords of Kashmir. Today’s Kashmir is defined by anxiety, fear and insecurity. There is no end to it.”



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